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Emergent Promotional Video Production is based in Central Florida and while we create videos for large and small businesses locally many of our clients have a global presence. Most importantly we are VISUAL STORYTELLERS who create QUALITY promo videos that our customers are proud to have represent their brand. Contact us for a quote on your promotional video project!

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Are you taking advantage of everything online video has to offer?

The first thing that you may notice about the videos produced by Emergent Promotional Video Production is that we LOVE TO TELL A GREAT STORY. So, if you're looking to communicate the story behind your brand, employees, executives, products and/or services, you are in the right place. It's sometimes tricky to do share that story in the short amount of time that viewers attention spans allow but we always find a way to do it in a way that will keep your target audience engaged and wanting to know more!


Your audience has moved from television to the internet and social media, which has created an affordable solution for small business owners to promote their business and reduce or eliminate the expense of broadcasting. We will work with you to create engaging videos and show you how to get it in front of your target audience through social media and how your videos can boost your website listing to the top of the search engines, allowing you to rank higher than your competition. 

Social media has given businesses of every type and size the opportunity to get their message out to a more specific audience than television ever could or ever will. 90 seconds or less is the the target for online videos shared on social media because statistics show that many people start tuning out after a minute and a half. But imagine how much more information you can share to discuss the characteristics that make your business unique when you're not confined to a 15 or 30-second spot. This provides a perfect opportunity for your customer to connect with your brand and get a deeper understanding of the products and services your business offers. However, the 90-second rule mainly applies to videos you share on social media. People come to your website to find out more information. So, the 90-second video is a good way to get them there but a longer video on your website is a great way to turn website traffic into a customer. Best of all, businesses with video on their website are 53 times more likely to be on the first page of search engines than businesses without!


Emergent Promotional Video Production is a Florida based commercial videography company that specializes in high quality corporate & website video production. We will assist you in creating your videos from concept to completion at a cost that YOU CAN AFFORD.


We are located in Palm Coast, Forida, which gives us the distinct advantage to service the following cities: Tampa , FL - Palm Coast, FL - St. Augustine, FL - Daytona Beach, FL - Jacksonville, FL - Orlando, FL - Gainesville, FL We love to travel as well and have created videos for companies all over the United States including Detroit, MI - Atlanta, GA - Miami, FL - Tampa, FL - Savannah, GA - New Orleans, LA and several other smaller cities throughout the nation.


Gordon Yurk is the owner and lead videographer/editor for every video created by Emergent Promotional Video Production. For the 10 years prior to his career in video production, Gordon managed a marketing firm that allowed him to live out his other passion, helping businesses and startups grow and become successful. Gordon has always believed the best way to be successful is by developing and maintaining relationships with your customers and/or clients, a practice he applies to his own business interactions. He and his team go above and beyond to make sure that every client of Emergent Promotional Video Production receives a video that they are proud to have representing their brand!

Take a look at our samples and contact us to schedule a free consultation to discuss how we can help you take advantage of the popularity of online video!

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