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Sports Team & Athlete Highlight Videos

By far, the most effective way to promote the athlectic ability of an indivdual player or the entire team is through video. Videos offer colleges and scouting agencies the ability to view the highlights of a game or the whole season in a matter of minutes. The unedited version of these videos also allow athletes the chance to review their plays in order to understand what they must do to improve their performance.

Just like all of the other video services we offer, Emergent Marketing Solutions will meet your budget by producing a highlight video from footage captured at one game or an entire season.

Individual Player -

High School Football

In 2010 we were asked to film High School Football games for Swartz Creek High School by one parent of a player on the football team. We filmed every game for three seasons and produced a DVD of each game in order for the player to review his plays and correct any mistakes he made and improve his overall performance. Due to the continual progress, we filmed this particular player for two more seasons until he graduated.

Sporting Event Highlights

We love to film sports! The more action the better! Sporting Event Highlight Videos not only brings credibility to your organization it is also sure to get fans fired up and inviting their friends to your next event.

The Michigan Warriors​

​Gordon Yurk, owner of Emergent Marketing Solutions is currently filming his 4th consecutive season with the Michigan Warrios Hockey Team. The Michigan Warriors are a NAHL team and call The Perani Arena in Flint, MI home. The games are filmed in standard definition because they are recorded to DVDs, which are delivered to each team after the game for training purposes. The games are also broadcast online through FastHockey. In their inaugural season (2010-2011) The Michigan Warriors made it all the way to the NAHL finals.

Michigan Mystics -


We were invited to local girls basketball tournaments to produce highlight videos for the Michigan Mystics and each one of their individual players.

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